Thursday, October 24, 2013


Sorry it has taken so long for the next in my series of posts. We had 3 deaths in 1 week in our family. Things are just settling down enough for me to sit and organize my thoughts. Thanks to some gentle nudging from a friend, I'm ready to post my list of thm "flops".

Let me preface this by saying these are not flops in the sense that the recipes are no good. They are due to my own limits or tastes. So something I may have disliked or ruined, you may love and make wonderfully. So give it a try if you haven't already and then decide for yourself. Maybe you'll come up with a helpful tip for me!! This post is just me "keeping it real" so to speak.

Chewy Sprouted Mini Loaves (page422): I felt so proud of myself to be sprouting something on my counter! It is quite an accomplished feeling to be so invested in something you're cooking. Imagine my disappointment when these turned out to be little rectangular door stops. They were hard as a rock and completely inedible. I'm sure I did something wrong. I can't put my finger on it. I'm scared to try again. Have you had success with these? Any tips or tricks you can share?

Cookie Bowl Oatmeal (page232): In all honesty, I don't like oatmeal in any form. So this could be the best recipe and I still probably wouldn't like it.

Crunchy Cheese Crackers (page 395): I tried making these in the microwave. I ended up with cheese burnt onto wax paper. Yuck. Again, this was something I tried early on in my THM days. I should try it again. I just love cheese so much I would rather eat it right off the block than waste it :)

Exotic Green Curry (page 287): I didn't like the texture of this. It's not that it tasted bad. It was just kind of gritty. I blended it really good in my ninja. I guess my kale was too hearty? Maybe I didn't take enough of the tough stems off?

Icing for cake (page 386): This tasted like butter. I don't like butter on my cake. The end.

Ketchup (page 411): My kids wouldn't even try it because it wasn't red. My hubby (who usually will eat just about anything that is vegetarian because he doesn't like wasting stuff) wouldn't eat it. I think this is one of those things you have to tweak for your own tastes. More or less vinegar, more or less sweetener, etc.

Light Baked Custard (page 218): I didn't like the way this turned out. Could've been me. I didn't make it in ramekins (I don't have any!). I made it in an 8x8 casserole. That could've been a contributing factor as well.

Oven Flax Crackers (page 393): This was (again) a failure on my part. The dough wasn't evenly rolled out. So the edges ended up blackening and the middle wasn't crispy at all. That being said, my kids LOVED it! The middle part, that is. My middle child asked if she could "have more of that bread that you call crackers" LOL!!!

Trim Healthy Pan Bread (page 266): Please tell me that I'm not the only one who thinks this is pretty much trim healthy pancakes without the sweetness? I'd rather just eat the pancakes!!

That's it! The list of "loves" was much longer and harder to trim down than this one. I love, love, love most of the recipes in the book (and the many more on the facebook page!) and I am so very thankful for all of the work that went into developing them. It's nice to have so many options right at my fingertips. In my opinion, it's more than worth the occasional flop.

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Saturday, October 5, 2013


This is my "off" week from shopping. I only grocery shop every 3 weeks. I intentionally plan the first 2, then the last week is a "use it up" sort of week.

So this week's posts will all be about the recipes. I often have people ask me which recipes in the book my family enjoys best. Here I will list some of our favorites. (Stay tuned for our least favorites, followed by some we haven't tried can give me the lowdown on if you've made them and like them!)

Zucchini fritter (page 217): I've only made this once because I only get up the nerve to try it last week! I love eggs for breakfast and I really don't like messing with them because: A- I don't like wasting food and 2- It's too early in the morning to be creative. Wish I would've tried this sooner. It's simple, tasty and a great way to get extra veggies in.

Trim Healthy Pancakes (page 223): Oh my golly! This is the tastiest e meal. Period. I don't know anyone who doesn't like them. My kids are super picky and all five of them devour these when I make them! My friend who hardly likes anything on plan (you know who you are....) loves these with a little cinnamon sprinkled in. Nuke some frozen berries with stevia and throw them on top. Yummilicious!

Muffin in a mug (page 256):I know there are mixed reviews about this, but I love it. I have since the second time I made it. Not sure what happened the first time..... I have 3 versions I like~ chocolate, mocha and pumpkin. Always with a squirt of ff reddi whip. Sometimes with a few frozen berries on top.

Fooled ya pizza (page 276): I love this. It is the first cauliflower recipe I tried when I started THM. I used to think I hated cauliflower. Pearl and Serene have taught me that I love it as long as it's prepared right. I usually top my fooled ya pizza crust with a can of tomato sauce, italian seasoning, garlic powder, mozzarella cheese and diced green or red peppers. Occasionally I'll throw some pepperoni on top. Delicious!

Crispy salmon (page 283): Something else I thought I wouldn't like. I was 30 years old when I started THM and had never had salmon. Not real salmon anyway. Just the stuff in a pouch. Now my very favorite lunch is crispy salmon on a bed of romaine with lots of EVOO.

Succulent Citrus Fish Bake (page 286): We use tilapa and my kids call it chicken. They dip it in ketchup and love it. Whatever gets them to eat. I like it beside steamed broccoli for a FP or buttered cheesy broccoli for an S.

Meat loaf~ both of them! (pages 316-317): We gobble up both Serene and Pearl's versions. There is no clear winner. We love them both!

Balsamic chicken (page 324): Another favorite for all. Even my pickiest boy happily eats this chicken when I make it. Note: he does pick off the tomatoes.

Peanut crusted chicken (page 325): One of those recipes I put off trying because it just didn't sound like I'd like the taste of it. Big mistake! This was a huge hit among all. My children have been asking lately when I'm making it again. It even tastes good cold out of the fridge. Not that I eat cold chicken out of the fridge or anything.........

Hearty green soup (page 334): This soup is filling and extremely cheap! My husband and I LOVE it! My kids wouldn't touch it at first (it really doesn't look very appetizing) but it's growing on them.

Spaghetti Bolognese (page 350): The 2 older boys (my carnivores) and I really enjoyed this. I made a plain sauce on the side for the rest of the family. I ate just the sauce warmed up for lunch the next day. Very good--no noodles needed!

White bean mashies (page 361): No matter how many cans I open, it never seems to be enough. My oldest daughter could eat it all if she was allowed. My husband told me that first time I made them "You've finally found a way to get me to eat white beans." He hates all white beans. These, he likes.

Cheesecake berry crunch (page 373): Tried this for the first time 3 days ago. OH.MY.WOW! I could do it without the cream cheese. Berry almond crunch? Squirt on the reddi whip and KAPOW! heavenly...

Chunky cream pops (page 374): The first time I tried these, my friend Shelly had made them. I fell in love with them. In fact, I am eating one now! Mine never taste like hers though. They are both good. Just different. We can't figure out why.

Strawberry Ricotta Crème (page 378): It amazes me that this tasty little treat is a FP. Of course, most of the THM recipes amaze me. I didn't even use almond extract in this. Tastes as good as it looks!

Baked apples (page 379): These baked apples + a scoop of vanilla carb smart ice cream = deliciousness! Perfect guilt-free autumn treat!

Hip Trim Honey Mustard (page 412): Amazing over a salad or as a dip for veggies. I never would've thought 2 tsp of Dijon mustard could make such a flavorful dressing.

Of course, these aren't all of the recipes we enjoy. I tried to make the list short-ish. Also, I only included recipes found in the book but there are so many wonderful recipes on the facebook page as well as in the facebook group. Not to mention all of the ideas, tweaks and tips from ladies like Gwen and Stacy!

Next post: Flops. Either because of my inability or my taste buds.

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