Thursday, January 30, 2014

THM menu plan January 29-February 4

My trim healthy menu plan with variations for my family in (parenthesis).

FP Pizza ~page 280~

Wednesday, 29
Breakfast (E): Trim Healthy Pancakes ~page 223~ with berries
Lunch (E): leftovers of hearty green soup ~page 334~ with sprouted bread (the kids had chick-fil-a with some Christmas gift cards)
Snack (FP): muffin in a bowl ~page 258~ (raisins)
Dinner (S): grilled cheese using cheddar cheese and bread in a mug ~page 265~ with just like campbell's tomato soup ~page 292~ (regular grilled cheese and tomato soup)

Thursday, 30
Breakfast (S): 3 eggs fried in butter with cayenne and sea salt (cereal)
Lunch (S): large S salad with chicken, avocado, sour cream, salsa and romaine (hot dogs and mac&cheese)
Snack (FP): cake batter shake (graham crackers with peanut butter)
Dinner (E): bean burgers ~page 339~ and salad

Friday, 31
Breakfast (S): 2 eggs fried in butter with cayenne and sea salt (granola bars and bananas)
Lunch (FP): fuel pull pizza ~page 280~ (pb&j, pretzels and yogurt)
Snack (S): trimmacchino and skinny chocolate (peanuts)
Dinner (S): fooled ya pizza ~page 277~ and salad (normal pizza on homemade wheat crust and salad)

Saturday, 1
Breakfast (E): oatmeal and fruit
Lunch (S): meeting at church. I'm told there will be red soup there ~page 334~ (leftovers)
Snack (S): muffin in a mug (veggies and ranch)
Dinner (S): eating at someone else's house. I will eat the meat and salad.

Sunday, 2
Breakfast (S): cheesy eggs ~page 219~(cereal)
Lunch (FP): tuna wrap and veggies (pb&j, pretzels and fruit)
Snack : no snack on sundays because we eat lunch so late
Dinner (S): SUPER BOWL! I'm going to attempt to stay on plan. Even though the only use super bowl is to us as a family is the spread of apps we eat from 6pm to 10 (or whenever the game is over). Plan friendly things I'm making: buffalo chicken dip, veggie tray with homemade ranch dip, pepperoni and cheese from the cheese tray, best brownie in a mug and tummy tucking ice cream. I think I'll be fine :)

Monday, 3
Breakfast (FP): egg white and spinach omelette (peanut butter toast and fruit
Lunch (FP): deli meat roll ups ~page 299~ and veggies (tuna noodle casserole)
Snack (FP): greek yogurt and berries (indian pudding)
Dinner (E): spicy pinto beans and rice

Tuesday, 4
Breakfast (E): oatmeal and fruit
Lunch (S): crispy salmon ~page 283~ on romaine (pb&j, pretzels and carrots)
Snack (S): our snack will be after dinner instead of before as we will be celebrating someone's birthday for our community group tonight. cake in a mug ~page 379~ (cake and ice cream)
Dinner (S): fried fish ~page 344~ creamy creamless cabbage ~page 352~ (cheesy rice)

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Some of the best laid plans....

So the fuel cycle was a bomb. I did really great all the way up to the morning of my first E day when I felt like death. Couldn't get out of bed until 11 and still had no energy when I did. It probably wasn't a great idea to do the FC while everyone else in my house was sick. I'm guessing that my immune system was already working over time to keep me healthy (because mom can't get sick right?!) and playing around with my fuels just broke me. I have done FC's before and didn't have this happen so I will try it again sometime. Maybe in the summer when everyone is healthy.

That being said, I want to know what I should post about. What specifically you want to read here. I know there are people reading the blog because I can check the stats. So please, speak up and tell me what you're here for.
If it's just menus, it's easy to just post my weekly menus and be done.
Do you want recipes? I don't do my own THM recipes, but I could always link to other people's here in one convenient place.
Is encouragement what you're looking for? Well, you have to interact here for me to encourage you. So leave your comments or questions and I'd be happy to write posts answering those.

My point is, the reason I hardly ever blog is because I don't have the time to sit down and figure out what to say. So if you want to see new posts, give me some fodder. =)

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Monday, January 6, 2014

My fuel cycle menu

After being on and off plan (mostly off) since Thanksgiving, I've decided to buckle down and join in the community fuel cycle on facebook. There are abut 150 ladies encouraging each other and cheering one another on for the next 2 weeks.

Here's my menu:


{snacks for deep s days: skinny chocolate, FSF, whey smoothies, trimmacchinos, pie sips}
Breakfast: 2 eggs fried in butter with sea salt, pepper and nutritional yeast; coffee with cream and stevia.
Lunch: crispy salmon over romaine and chopped celery with plenty of EVOO.
Dinner: spongebob's crabby patties (made with tune, no breadcrumbs for me); broccoli with butter

Breakfast: 2 eggs fried in butter with sea salt, pepper ad nutritional yeast; coffee with cream and stevia.
Lunch: East African Curry
Dinner: Whole baked chicken and roasted vegetable medley

Breakfast: 2 hardboiled eggs and turkey bacon
Lunch: leftover chicken and broccoli
Dinner: Better than chef salad (S) with lots of EVOO

Breakfast: egg white and red pepper omelette
Lunch: chicken broth anything soup and 1 wasa cracker
Dinner: Succulent citrus fish bake; creamy creamless veggies (cabbage)

{snacks on fp days: frozen greek yogurt, greek yogurt with stevia and berries, melt in your mouth meringues, lemon mousse}
Breakfast: light vanilla greek treat
Lunch: better than ramen (yes, i'm trying konjac noodles again....)
Dinner: fotato soup and 2 wasa crackers

{snacks for e days: baked apples, fruit, ricotta parfait, toast with lc cheese}
Breakfast: trim healthy pancakes with berries
Lunch: warm sprouted chicken sandwich
Dinner: zest of southwest soup (e style) and sprouted toast

Breakfast: egg white breakfast burrito
Lunch: tuna sandwich and carrots
Dinner: all day lentil stew; 2 wasa crackers

WEEK 2 FUEL CYCLE (all of the snacks will be the same options)

Breakfast: 2 eggs fried in butter with salt, pepper and nutritional yeast; coffee with cream and stevia.
Lunch: crispy salmon on romaine with lots of EVOO
Dinner: Roast with radishes

Breakfast: zucchini fritter (no cheese); coffee with cream and stevia
Lunch: egg salad lettuce roll ups
Dinner: baked chicken thighs and roasted vegetable medley

Breakfast: 2 hardboiled eggs and turkey bacon
Lunch: crispy salmon and leftover veggies
Dinner: burgers and green fries

Breakfast: cookie bowl oatmeal (yes, another thing i'm revisiting)
Lunch: lettuce wraps
Dinner: easy chicken yogurt bake and cauliflower

Breakfast: egg white and red pepper omelette
Lunch: quick tuna medley
Dinner: Stir fry

Breakfast: trim healthy pancakes
Lunch: Mexican cottage cheese salad
Dinner: sprouted French toast and fruit

Breakfast: mozzarella tomato turkey toast
Lunch: Cajun cottage cheese salad
Dinner: chili (my "e" style) and wasa crackers

Most of you know, I've never done a complete cycle. After the first week I'm ready to throw in the towel. Hopefully with all the support on the facebook group, I can do it for the first time!

On a completely unrelated's a picture from our first Trim Healthy Mama party!! Held this past Saturday. We had 27 ladies! So much fun and a great chance to get questions answered from other mamas who are more experienced. Can't wait to do it again.

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