Thursday, January 30, 2014

THM menu plan January 29-February 4

My trim healthy menu plan with variations for my family in (parenthesis).

FP Pizza ~page 280~

Wednesday, 29
Breakfast (E): Trim Healthy Pancakes ~page 223~ with berries
Lunch (E): leftovers of hearty green soup ~page 334~ with sprouted bread (the kids had chick-fil-a with some Christmas gift cards)
Snack (FP): muffin in a bowl ~page 258~ (raisins)
Dinner (S): grilled cheese using cheddar cheese and bread in a mug ~page 265~ with just like campbell's tomato soup ~page 292~ (regular grilled cheese and tomato soup)

Thursday, 30
Breakfast (S): 3 eggs fried in butter with cayenne and sea salt (cereal)
Lunch (S): large S salad with chicken, avocado, sour cream, salsa and romaine (hot dogs and mac&cheese)
Snack (FP): cake batter shake (graham crackers with peanut butter)
Dinner (E): bean burgers ~page 339~ and salad

Friday, 31
Breakfast (S): 2 eggs fried in butter with cayenne and sea salt (granola bars and bananas)
Lunch (FP): fuel pull pizza ~page 280~ (pb&j, pretzels and yogurt)
Snack (S): trimmacchino and skinny chocolate (peanuts)
Dinner (S): fooled ya pizza ~page 277~ and salad (normal pizza on homemade wheat crust and salad)

Saturday, 1
Breakfast (E): oatmeal and fruit
Lunch (S): meeting at church. I'm told there will be red soup there ~page 334~ (leftovers)
Snack (S): muffin in a mug (veggies and ranch)
Dinner (S): eating at someone else's house. I will eat the meat and salad.

Sunday, 2
Breakfast (S): cheesy eggs ~page 219~(cereal)
Lunch (FP): tuna wrap and veggies (pb&j, pretzels and fruit)
Snack : no snack on sundays because we eat lunch so late
Dinner (S): SUPER BOWL! I'm going to attempt to stay on plan. Even though the only use super bowl is to us as a family is the spread of apps we eat from 6pm to 10 (or whenever the game is over). Plan friendly things I'm making: buffalo chicken dip, veggie tray with homemade ranch dip, pepperoni and cheese from the cheese tray, best brownie in a mug and tummy tucking ice cream. I think I'll be fine :)

Monday, 3
Breakfast (FP): egg white and spinach omelette (peanut butter toast and fruit
Lunch (FP): deli meat roll ups ~page 299~ and veggies (tuna noodle casserole)
Snack (FP): greek yogurt and berries (indian pudding)
Dinner (E): spicy pinto beans and rice

Tuesday, 4
Breakfast (E): oatmeal and fruit
Lunch (S): crispy salmon ~page 283~ on romaine (pb&j, pretzels and carrots)
Snack (S): our snack will be after dinner instead of before as we will be celebrating someone's birthday for our community group tonight. cake in a mug ~page 379~ (cake and ice cream)
Dinner (S): fried fish ~page 344~ creamy creamless cabbage ~page 352~ (cheesy rice)

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