Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Some of the best laid plans....

So the fuel cycle was a bomb. I did really great all the way up to the morning of my first E day when I felt like death. Couldn't get out of bed until 11 and still had no energy when I did. It probably wasn't a great idea to do the FC while everyone else in my house was sick. I'm guessing that my immune system was already working over time to keep me healthy (because mom can't get sick right?!) and playing around with my fuels just broke me. I have done FC's before and didn't have this happen so I will try it again sometime. Maybe in the summer when everyone is healthy.

That being said, I want to know what I should post about. What specifically you want to read here. I know there are people reading the blog because I can check the stats. So please, speak up and tell me what you're here for.
If it's just menus, it's easy to just post my weekly menus and be done.
Do you want recipes? I don't do my own THM recipes, but I could always link to other people's here in one convenient place.
Is encouragement what you're looking for? Well, you have to interact here for me to encourage you. So leave your comments or questions and I'd be happy to write posts answering those.

My point is, the reason I hardly ever blog is because I don't have the time to sit down and figure out what to say. So if you want to see new posts, give me some fodder. =)

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