Monday, March 30, 2015

My mostly on plan week

Last week went really well. I enjoyed all of the muffins. I also baked a few new treats. You can see them linked on my facebook page. Here is the chocolate cake:

This coming week is a tricky one. We have my birthday, Passover, Easter and my hubby's birthday. So there will be quite a bit of off plan indulging. I contemplated even posting a menu this week. Since I just got started blogging again, I decided to go ahead, for consistency's sake. So be forewarned that you're not getting a straight up THM menu from me this week. Fill in where you need to.

breakfast: cheesy omelette (page 219)
lunch: lean ham and munster cheese roll up; peanut butter fudge (adapted from page 386)
snack: pepperoni and mozzarella cheese
dinner: pizza casserole (page 327) and salad

breakfast: banana nut muffin in a mug (page 257)
lunch: leftovers
snack: chocolate coconut macaroon cookies
dinner: bean burgers (page 339) and broccoli

breakfast: It's my birthday!! Going to get coffee at dunkin' donuts with a friend.
lunch: Going to lunch with 2 other friends.
snack: I am making my own "birthday cake". In lieu of a cake, I am making grain free fudge brownies
dinner: All I want for my birthday dinner is steak and red wine.

breakfast: almond joy overnight oatmeal
lunch: Mexican cottage cheese salad (page 302)
snack: strawberry big boy smoothie (page 242)
dinner: quinoa and black bean casserole (I tweak this by using water instead of broth and using various spices and nutritional yeast to flavor it. I also use a little bit of mozzarella instead of the mounds of Mexican cheese)

breakfast: apple pie overnight oats
lunch: leftovers
snack: strawberry fuel pull cake
dinner: Going to a party. There is supposed to be a big salad and taco bar so I will have a yummy S taco salad.

breakfast: cafe mocha overnight oats
lunch: We are going to a church function where there will be food.
snack: fat stripping frappa (page 240)
dinner: We are doing a small Passover Seder as a family with traditional foods.

breakfast: We always have resurrection rolls for breakfast on easter.
lunch: something simple. probably tuna wraps and sliced veggies.
snack: whatever hubby wants as his birthday cake.
dinner: I have no idea and this is driving me crazy. The birthday boy can't decide if he wants me to cook or if we're going out for Chinese (the only place open on Easter?!) He's not much of a planner :)