Thursday, March 19, 2015

Spring is for new beginnings

If I had more uninterrupted time, I would blog all the time.

That's not the season of life I'm in though... I (you) have to settle for my periodic ramblings.

I'm going to try and be more consistent.
Not just because I love blogging but because there is a whole new round of trim healthy mama (THM) newbies and it's easier to direct them here than to say things over and over.

Currently I am making a list to stock up on some things I've let slide.
It's easy to cut corners once you're at goal weight (as you will all learn, I'm sure of it!)
So with the start of a new season tomorrow, I'm going to recommit to blogging, to healthy meal plans and to THM in general.
Not because I have to....

Because I want to.

And I like you :)

Here's my current list for Whole Foods:

swerve granulated sweetener (it's on sale and I have 2 coupons to stack)
whole chickens (on sale for $2.39 #)
lily's chocolate
nutritional yeast
ground ginger (because it's GGMS season!)
bragg's liquid aminos

And my current list for Trader Joe's:

liquid stevia
a few loaves of sprouted rye bread
(and a few things I'm picking up for a friend)

I'll update tomorrow with what I actually get. Since it's tax season, it's the time when our budget is a little more generous to getthose little extras that I go without the rest of the year.)

I'll also be working on getting a menu up.

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