Friday, September 12, 2014

THM Fuel Cycle: Week 1, Day 4 (Fuel Pull)

Weight: 134.7

Over all, I felt good today. Not great, not crummy. Pretty much like yesterday, but I didn't need the nap.

Breakfast: 1 c. luscious lemon yogurt; 3 bites of a muffin in a bowl (page 258) (I wasn't hungry)

Snack: green pepper strips

Lunch: Cajun cottage cheese salad (page 303)(minus the beans)

Snack: strawberry cottage berry whip (page 379)

Dinner: citrus baked fish (page 286), creamy creamless cabbage (page 352)

I also had 1/2 c apple cider with cinnamon essential oil at a doTerra party.