Thursday, September 5, 2013

My THM menu for September 7-13

I'm planning a fuel cycle starting Saturday. What I'll be eating is in bold and if the family is having something additional, I put that in normal print. Just an extra help for those with kids. Need the recipes? Buy the book and become a trim healthy mama!

Saturday September 7: Breakfast: simple fried eggs- page 215; toast
Deep S day 1 Lunch: crispy salmon- page 283; salad; tuna melts
Snack: skinny chocolate- page 371; cheese and crackers
Dinner: fantastic meatloaf- page 316; simple steamed broccoli- page 354; rolls

Sunday September 8: Breakfast: basic whey smoothie- page 243; hard boiled egg; toast
Deep S day 2 Lunch: Better than chef salad (chicken sautéed in coconut oil on a large romaine salad with EVOO)page 305; PB&J
Snack: skinny chocolate; animal crackers
Dinner: lemon Dijon chicken (salmon for chris)- page 286; cauli rice- page 358; buttered bread

Monday September 9: Breakfast: simple fried eggs- page 215; toast
Deep S day 3 Lunch: hamburgers; sliced veggies (cucumbers, peppers); buns for the kids
Snack: fat stripping frappe- page 240; fruit
Dinner: Basic chicken and veggie stir fry- page 342; rice

Tuesday September 10: Breakfast: egg white scramble- page217; cereal
FP day 1 Lunch: Mexican cottage cheese salad- page 302; PB&J
Snack: big boy smoothie- page 242
Dinner: succulent citrus baked fish- page 286; creamless creamy veggies (zucchini)- page 352; rolls

Wednesday September 11: Breakfast: fat stripping frappe- page 240; chia tapioca- page 238
FP day 2 Lunch: egg white wraps (with tuna and veggies)- page 274; normal wraps for the kids
Snack: muffin in a bowl- page 258; fruit
Dinner: chicken broth anything soup- page 293; wasa cracker; taco soup and chips for the family

Thursday September 12: Breakfast: warming quinoa porridge- page 277; blueberries
E day 1 Lunch: nicey ricey salad- page 304; hip trim honey mustard- page412
Snack: baked apples- page 379
Dinner: all day lentil stew- page 311; sprouted bread; regular wheat bread

Friday September 13: Breakfast: trim healthy pancakes- page 223; strawberries
E day 2 Lunch: hummus (I just process chickpeas, lemon juice, salt and red pepper flakes); sliced veggies; apple
Snack: cottage berry whip- page 379
Dinner: balsamic chicken- page 324; white bean mashies- page 361; broccoli; salmon for Chris

I've never done a 2 week fuel cycle. We'll see how things go this week and if I feel up to it, I'll do week 2 and post the menu here then.

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