Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Where do you buy.....?

I've been getting lots of questions lately about where I buy things. It will make life much easier if I have this all typed down instead of telling people individually. Before I make that list I have 2 disclaimers:

1. I am the only one in my house who uses most of these ingredients. My children and husband are all at or below a healthy weight so I refuse to waste money feeding them things like low carb wraps, whey protein powder and almond flour. That means my products last for a reasonably long time. That also means that prices may have changed since I bought mine. Which leads me to.....

2. I don't always buy the cheapest deal. *gasp* Yes, it's true. Sometimes I don't feel like comparison shopping to find where oolong tea is when I can get the box of 100 right in front of me for what seems like a decent price. I also don't want to run all over town for one or two things (my almond milk is cheaper at walmart, but what's the point in going that way if that's all I need?)

So, keeping that in mind, here is my personal list of THM products (though not exhaustive), where I buy them and how much they were the last time I purchased them. (in no particular order)

Aldi: lemon juice (32 oz) $1.89; tomato sauce (8 oz) 29 cents; old fashioned oats (42 oz) $2.29; canned pumpkin (15 oz?) 99 cents (seasonal); chunk light tuna in water 69 cents; half and half (32 oz) $1.49; stir fry veggies $3.49; frozen blueberries $2.49; frozen chicken tenderloins $6.29; fit and active string cheese $2.49; happy farms 50% less fat cheese wedges $1.29; vanilla $1.99; stevia packets (40) $1.99; cottage cheese $2.29; sour cream $1.29; fit and active chicken broth carton $1.49; heavy whipping cream $1.99; salmon (4 wild caught salmon filets) $4.49; unsalted butter (4 sticks) $2.49 (this is cheaper when there's a sale at Marc's); fat free refried beans 79 cents; taco seasoning packet 35 cents; light turkey ham chunk $4.46; dried great northern beans $2.29; canned black beans $1.99; dried pinto beans $1.99

Marc's: dried split green peas $1.09; dried lentils 89 cents; guy's sugar free bbq sauce $2.49; wasa crackers $2.49; quinoa (16 oz) $3.29; walnuts (16 oz) $5.99; flax meal $2; ricotta cheese (30 oz) $3.78; Hershey's cocoa powder $2.79; unsweetened baking chocolate $2.58 (they have reduced the size of the packages now and I haven't bought it since then, so this may be cheaper for less product now); balsamic vinegar $1.99; pompein EVOO (16 oz) $3.29; frozen cauliflower (32 oz) $3.18; dreamfields pasta $1.99 (big variety here too!); oolong tea (20 bags) $1.99; cream cheese $1.19; almonds (8 oz) $2.50

Whole Foods: stevia drops $8.99; white stevia extract powder $7.99; bragg's ACV $3.19/lb in the bulk bins; psyllium husk $6.49; dried coconut $3.99/lb in the bulk bins; nutritional yeast $8.99/lb in bulk bin (this weighs very little so it's cheaper than it may look); chia seeds $9.99/lb in bulk bins (another light item); chana dahl $2.99/lb in bulk bin; erythritol (12 oz) $7.99; ground ginger $8.99/lb in bulk bin

Trader Joe's: canned coconut milk 99 cents; sprouted bread $2.99; organic kale (10 oz) $1.99

Sam's Club: frozen tilapia (3 lbs) $12.98; bonless skinless chicken breast $1.98 lb; cheddar cheese block (2 lbs) $5.98; romaine lettuce (6 pack) $3.98; Fage greek yogurt (35 oz) $4.98; frozen strawberries (5 lbs) $8.48; egg whites (4 cartons) $6.40; extra virgin organic coconut oil (54 oz) $15.99

Swansonvitamins.com: (look for coupon codes for free shipping) glucomannan $9.90 (I bought this in January and still have nearly 1/2 a container left!); full spectrum milk thistle capsules $3.49; swanson premium whey protein powder (36.5 oz) $25.99

Amazon.com: protein plus peanut flour ( I overpaid on this. Nowhere had it and I really wanted it.); 4 pack of bob's red mill organic coconut flour $26.76

Anything missing? If there is something in particular you are wondering about, leave a comment and I will add and edit where needed.

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