Saturday, September 14, 2013

Update and next week's THM menu

I stuck to week 1 of the FC (even though I almost cracked on the second FP day). Lost 2 lbs. I am .7 lbs away from being a healthy weight on the BMI calculator and 1 lb away from 40 lbs lost since starting the plan in January! I had a friend ask me if I'm going to celebrate when I hit to 40 lb. mark. My response?
every time I look in a full length mirror!



All while eating things like this!

I'll have better after pics when I reach my 40 lb mark.

That being said, I don't think I'm going to go for a week 2. I should've figured. I've never done the full 2 weeks. I'm a weakling. I did learn that I need to make exercising a more important part of my plan though. I think I'm nearing the end of my scale focusing days. I can only lose so many pounds. There is still much work needed though....toning, strength training, etc. So look for upcoming posts on exercise. For now, here is my freestyling menu for September 15-21.


s:fried eggs (4 times) toast for the kids on two days; cereal on two
fp:egg white scramble with veggies (page 217)
e:oatmeal and fruit
e:trim healthy pancakes (page 223)

fp:salad with tuna tuna melts for the kids
e:nicey ricey salad pb&j for the kids
s:salad with crispy salmon hot dogs and mac & cheese for the kids
e:leftovers of the hearty green soup
e:pinto bean roll ups and fruit
s:grilled cheese (using bread in a mug~ page 265) and just like campbell's tomato soup (page 292) normal grilled cheese and tomato soup for the kids
s or s helper:peanut butter on a low carb wrap and carrots pb&j for the kids

fp:muffin in a bowl (page 258)
fp:fat stripping frappa (page 240)
fp:big boy smoothie (page 242)
e:carb smart ice cream
s:skinny chocolate (page 371)
s:peanut butter fudge (modified from the rich chocolate fudge recipe on page 386)
fp:lemon mousse (page 367)

s:fried breaded fish (page 344) and salad
fp:fotato soup (page 294) crackers for the family
e:chili (page 330) tortilla chips for the family
s:tacos with rice for the family
e:spaghetti (dream fields for me) and salad buttered bread for the family
e:hearty green soup (page 334) sprouted bread for me rolls for the family
s:friend's party---making it an s and trying not to cross over

Lots of GGMS, shrinkers and, of course, coffee!

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