Friday, September 6, 2013

My top tips for new THM's

After I lost my first 25 lbs or so, people started getting the book and giving it a try for themselves. Everyone needs help and has questions and I LOVE being a mentor to new mamas. Now that I've almost reached the 40 lb mark (and what the BMI calculator says should be my ideal weight), I feel like I have learned a few things along the way. I share this info every time a friend or family member starts on their journey. I'm going to share it here because these are things I wish someone had stressed to me.

1. Measure yourself before you start the plan. I can not say this enough. I SO wish I had measured. I know I have lost many, many more inches than I have pounds. I also know that if I had those numbers to check, the weeks when the scale did not budge (for weeks at a time!) would have been easier to deal with.

2. You don't need every ingredient to get started. I have a friend (who shall go unnamed, but you know who you are....) that went out and bought everything. No joke. She had a large laundry basket overflowing with ingredients that she had no idea what to do with yet (or if she even liked them for that matter!). Now, that's great if you have the budget and the support from your husband to do that. I'd venture to say that most of us aren't in that position and that's okay too! This plan does not have to be expensive! Remember: it was written by 2 homeschooling mamas of large families! Not some Hollywood diva who has a personal shopper and an unlimited bank account. I started the plan with stevia, coconut oil, whey powder and glucomannan (and I could've held off on the last two and done just fine for a bit!)

3. You don't have to read every word of the book before you start. Confession time: I still haven't read the whole book. The chapters on hormones don't really pertain to me at this point and "movin with the belly" won't ever be a required read for me. HOWEVER: be sure to read the first 210 pages to get the how and why of the plan!! The other 400ish pages are amazing and should be read early on, but they aren't necessary in order to jump on board.

4. Don't freak out when you accidently have an S Helper or a Crossover. The plan is very forgiving. When (and we all do it) you realize you have a little (or a lot) too many carbs in your last meal or a food you thought was an S is really an E, take a deep breath and record it in your memory for next time. Chances are you're still eating far better than you were before.

5. Find a knowledgeable support person. Back when I started THM, the facebook group was just a few thousand members strong. It was so easy to post a comment and get a credible answer (many times straight from Gwen or Pearl). These days, it's much harder to catch all the questions. It's also hard to catch all of the misinformation and correct it. I keep hearing from friends and family that sometimes it's more confusing than it is helpful. Don't worry, the main mamas are working on the remedy for this! In the meantime, my advice is to get a mentor. Chances are, you are doing THM because you know someone who does it. That means you know someone who has been doing it a little longer than you and has at least a bit more insight. Don't be scared to ask questions and grow together!!

That's all I can come up with today. I can't believe I've done 2 posts in a row. This has to be a new record for me!! If you have any questions, please leave me a comment. I would love to interact (and see who's visiting!). Have a blessed weekend.