Monday, September 30, 2013

THM menu 9/30-10/5

Monday:Breakfast~ preworkout-L-water and spoon of coconut oil; postworkout-cheesy omelet (page 219); kids-peanut butter and honey roll ups
Lunch~ salad with chicken; kids- leftovers
Snack~ greek yogurt with berries
Dinner~ hamburgers, roasted veggie medley (page 354) (smashed potatoes for the family)
Desert~ having friends over, making pumpkin spice cupcakes
Tuesday:Breakfast~ muffin in a mug (page 256); kids-cereal
Lunch~ salad with tuna; kids-pb&j
Snack~ cottage cheese and pepper strips; kids-trail mix
Dinner~ spaghetti bolognese (page 350) and cheesy garlic bread (with a cauliflower base)
Wednesday:Breakfast~ preworkout-L-water, 1/2 piece sprouted toast; postworkout- hardboiled eggs; kids-hardboiled eggs and fruit
Lunch~ THM luncheon! Taking: brownies for kids; exotic green curry (page 287), golden flat bread (page 270), pumpkin secret agent brownie cake
Snack~ kids-freeze pops (I'm sure after the luncheon I won't need a snack!)
Dinner~ coconut crusted chicken (page 322)(salmon for chris) and zucchini fries (page 357)
Thursday:Breakfast~ preworkout-L-water, 1/2 piece sprouted toast; postworkout-fried eggs; kids-oatmeal
Lunch~ salad with salmon; kids- hot dogs and mac n cheese
Snack~ skinny chocolate (page 371); kids-graham crackers with peanut butter
Dinner~ sweet and spicy Asian stir fry (page 341), brown rice, pineapple
Friday:Breakfast~ sprouted French toast (page 239)
Lunch~ tomato soup and grilled cheese (mine will be made with bread in a mug (page 265), just like campbells soup (page 292)
Snack~ roasted garbanzos (page 397)(fruit for the kids)
Dinner~ broiled tilapia, twice baked zucchini (page 362), butternut squash puree
Saturday:Breakfast~ preworkout-L-water, spoon of coconut oil; postworkout-cheesy omelet (page 219); kids-cereal
Lunch~ baked eggplant round pizza (page 353) (fruit for kids)
Snack~ peanut butter celery
Dinner~ Fall Fest at a friend's house. We're taking pumpkin treat (page 388)

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