Friday, September 13, 2013


Everyone has the same question when they get ready to start the plan.
Doesn't matter if they've read half the book, none of the book or every page of the book.
Doesn't matter if they've been reading the boards, printing the files or observing someone else who is following the plan.
The same question (or a close variation of it) is always first on the floor:

"What do I HAVE to get?"

Now everyone's answer to this question will probably vary.
It may change with the seasons.
With their progress.
With their life stage.

Here are my absolute essentials to following THM..........

coffee: top of the list.

half and half: because I like my coffee creamy.

eggs: I must have eggs. I could eat eggs every. single. day. for breakfast.

boneless skinless chicken breast: cheap and versatile (works in s,e and fp). I boil it as soon as I get home from shopping. After it cools, I shred, dice or slice it and throw it in the freezer. If I have the money, I'll get 2 big packs and the second one I will separate out into a couple meals worth of breasts and freeze for things like balsamic chicken.

romaine lettuce: salad. enough said.

stevia: in any shape, form or brand.

cottage cheese: another cheap and versatile ingredient. can be used in trim healthy pancakes for breakfast, on a green salad for lunch or in cottage berry whip for a snack.

lemon juice, ACV and ginger: gotta have my GGMS!

I could live with these things.
Obviously I buy and cook other things.
Given an extremely tight month or a food crisis, I could totally stay on plan with these 10 things.

What about you? What are your must haves to stay on plan?